Masterscreed Fiber Blower Machine


Fiber Blower


Innovative aspects

  • Integration of 3 to 4 tons of steel fibers per hour, depending on the fibers used
  • Control panel mounted at the rear of the chassis, for easy operability of the machine
  • Adjustable level of the machine with hydraulic cylinders
  • Stainless Steel bin for charging the steel fibers, up to 50kg per charge
  • Fibers are blown with high speed into the concrete mixer, using of a ventilator and a venturi
  • Hydraulic system for all actions
  • PANOLIN Environmentally Considerate Lubricants


Technical specifications

  • Steel Fibre Capacity = up to 50kg
  • Dimensions = L 5000 x W 1700 x H 3300 – Height
  • Engine = 35 HP HATZ Diesel – Slientpack
  • Track width = 1500 mm

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