MS550 – Automated Concrete Laser Guided Screed


Masterscreed MS550 with LevMaster MK3


Piston-mounted control valve:

  • The MS550 is equipped with high speed and high accuracy servo valves for the ultimate in level control. These are positioned near the elevation cylinder which helps reduce lag time and improves floor tolerance and flatness.

Elastomeer Band Wheel:

  • Provides the ultimate traction with excellent weight distribution, damping element, high resistance to wear, and high dimensional stability for minimal disturbance and footprint left in the concrete.


  • This bolt-on accessory enables contractors to add our unique paddle system, which provides additional support and weight distribution for steel mesh/rebar reinforcement or steel decking, and is easy to remove and clean.

Roller Screed Head:

  • The MS550 offers a roller screed head which is ideal for multidirectional screeding, steel fibres, pervious concrete and high tolerance floors. The machine is fitted with a quick release clamp for fast and easy connection to elevation cylinders.
  • The MS550 design is strong, constructed from premium grade aluminium, TIG welded and 25% lighter than the previous model.


MS550 Specifications:

  • Engine: Honda GX690 22.1HP (16.5kw) Drive System: 4WD Hydraulic
  • Steering System: 2 Wheels Hydraulic Height: 4’ (1.2m)
  • Width: 3’ 6” (1.05m) *Transport Length: 8’ 2” (2.45m)
  • Weight: 1,250lbs (550kg) *Dry weight fuel tank: 6.6 Gallons (25L)
  • Elevation Control: LEVmasterTM System
  • Diagnostic: Hydraulic, Electrical and Laser via 7” colour display machine operation control: Wireless Remote
  • Laser Receivers: Trimble® 2 x LR410
  • 3D capable, GPS: Optional
  • Pressure Washer: 2000psi (Optional)

Screed Head Options:

  • Rake Blade and Vibrator: 9’ (2.7m) 155lbs (70kg)
  • Rake Blade, Auger and Vibrator: 8’ 2” (2.5m) 275lbs (125kg)
  • Rake Blade, Roller and Vibrator: 8’ 2” (2.5m) 200lbs (90kg) Note: alternative lengths are available upon request.

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