LEVmaster MK3 Levelling System


LEVmaster MK3


The LEVmaster MK3 Levelling System is a fully automated platform which controls the machine which has a easy-to-use coloured interface, amazing features, and rock solid stability. The LEVmaster MK3 is the foundation for the Masterscreed machines, by using the latest technology and built-in features making the LEVmaster MK3 a simpler, smarter platform ensureing that the Masterscreed machines have the ability to be used on many different applications and performing with precision and accuracy which is the DNA of the LEVmaster MK3 to meet todays standards.

The LEVmaster MK3 offer many features and possibility for the operator to fine tune and adjust the machine per application as they see required. A truly intelegent platform which has over 100 error code message to make faults easier to locate, resolve and to maintain the Masterscreed machine in premium condition.


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